Used Cars Auto Insurance Tampa

Most people generally think there are marked differences between buying insurance for new and used cars. In reality, however, one is pretty much the same as the other. In other words, the basic principles are the same, though the details will, of course, vary.

For both new and used cars, the owner’s aim is to avoid liability should some kind of injury or damage befall the vehicle, its passengers, or other vehicles.

The key difference is that if a used car is damaged or stolen and written off as a total loss, the insurer’s potential loss is lower than that with a new model, so the company can charge less for the comprehensive and collision coverage, therefore lowering the premium. On the other hand, a used car can inflict just as much damage on other cars, people, structures, etc., as a new one, so liability rates aren’t affected by a car’s age.

Given the circumstances, a prospective used car insurance buyer could consider paying smaller premiums for relatively lower – yet sufficient – comprehensive and collision insurance rather than maintain a high comprehensive and collision coverage. Similarly, used car owners should consider raising their deductibles in return for a lower premium.

The type of car you buy will also affect your used cars insurance quotes in Tampa, Florida.

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