Newly licensed driver needs to transport car within Florida?

I’m 27 and newly licensed.. This is my first license. I’m cleaning up my act, all fines are paid and I completed the required course. I purchased a car in Tampa and want to pick it up and drive it back. I can’t obtain the title until I reach Tampa, and of course with no title comes no insurance and no tag. I have no prior insurance to transfer and transport companies want $400 for a 5 hour trip.. The car will still be in Florida. I need some advice on this one.

Within the same state is easy. You WILL have to have insurance before you can get tags of ANY kind, even temp tags. So put the policy in place the day before you reach Tampa – you can set it up in advance. Then you have the insurance card to get your temp tags, and you can drive it back to wherever you live in FL and get your real tags.

A local Tampa dealer, for a small fee, should help you with the tags.

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