Insurance on croch rocket in tampa area (25 yr old male, 1 dui in MI)?

My boyfriend and I are planning to move to florida after he gets off probation for his dui here in michigan. since were moving to a nicer climate and gas prices keep going up and up, he wants to get a bike. Being that my mother is an ex ray tech and Im parinoid already having lost my brother, father and step father (rightfullly so i think) I dont want him to bc theyre dangerous! Im hoping the insurance rate for a 25 yr old male w a dui would stear him away from it consitering hes also going to have plpd on his car as well. Is there anyone around tampa, about 25, have have one and about how much do u pay? and if you have a dui thats even better lol

Its hard to give an accurate quote because of all the different policies and they usually run your social security number to give you the correct price BUT i found these 2 sites where you can compare insurance at Insurance Hut and Florida No Fault Insurance that give out the best comparisons for auto insurance, i hope that helps.

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