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Going to Florida this Sept/Oct and hiring a car…should i be wary about what car and insurance to get?

As the question says going to Florida 22nd sept to the 8th oct and we want to hire a car but im unsure of what type of car to get and what type of insurance, are their different levels or insurance to get, is one car suitable but for the extra few pounds/dollars per day its worth getting a different car?

If anyone could help id appreciate it as I have never hired a car before for this length of time and we do intend to go all over and do as much as possible i.e. down to Tampa, keys maybe etc etc.

Is one car type better than another for that sort of mileage? If it is an extra few dollars/pounds a day i dont mind paying extra for an upgrade but there are only 2 of us going, my girlfriend and myself so i dont want to pay out for a Yukon as you can imagine?


Start with what kind of car can you drive comfortably for long periods at home. Then look at all the car rental company options. I’m a big fan of Thrifty so I check out their UK website and forund they have a US car rental package (3 actually). Here’s a link: http://prepaid.thrifty.co.uk/packages-usa.cfm
From there, start the reservation. I assumed Orlando as a starting point (many Brits ask about Orland on Y!Answers so I guessed). You can get a Ford Escape which is a small SUV for 407.19 GBP inclusive of tax and ins. for the time period. It will be very comfortable for 2 people with luggage and whatever stuff you accumulate along the way.
A Ford Fusion should be more than adequate and get better gas milage. Gas (Petrol) is practically free in the US compared to UK so I wouldn’t worry about gas milage much if I were you. There are a bunch more choices so look over each and pick which will be most comfortable for you.

If you do decide to go with Thrifty, before you make a reservation, sign up for the Blue Chip Program. Most rental companies have something similar. If you go with another company, sign up for their’s. It will give you the opportunity to set up much of the paper work early (before you leave home) and when you arrive, there is a separate line (usually shorter) for Blue Chip Members (or which ever company equivalent). It saves a fair amount of time and headaches.
That’s all I can think of at the moment. If you have more questions feel free to email me.

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