High Risk Drivers And Car Insurance in Tampa

When it comes to auto insurance, high risk drivers are at a disadvantage. As you probably know, insurance companies charge high risk drivers higher premiums. Finding cheap auto insurance can be a challenging but not infeasible.

Who is considered a high risk driver?

When determining whether a driver is high risk or not, insurers use a few factors. Age, driving record and credit rating are the most important ones.

New drivers – figures suggest that new drivers are involved in more accidents than anyone else. It comes as no surprise that insurers put inexperience drivers in the high risk group. For teenage boys driving fast cars, insurance rates are particularly high.

Drivers over 55 – society generally accepts people as senior citizens when they are over 65 years old. There is an argument that senior drivers driver more carefully and rarely own sports cars. Yet, statistics reveal that older drivers are often involved in accidents.

People with poor driving history – driving history still plays a very important role when insurance rates are calculated. You can anticipate to be charged more if you have been traffic violations like – driving uninsured,caused an accident or drink driving. SR22 or FR44 in some cases, may be required as part of your insurance policy.

Bad credit rating – the use of credit score by insurers is seen as unfair by a lot of people. Fair or not, credit score is used by more and more insurers every year. Those paying their bills on time are considered as good customers who are less likely to make a claim.

Low Cost car insurance for high risk drivers

Many people wonder if it is at all possible to find cheap car insurance for high risk drivers.

For young drivers, the most important think to pay attention to is keeping a clean driving record. You may receive a discount if you maintain good grades at school.

Its extremely important to obey the law. Don’t drive under the influence of alcohol and never drive without insurance – its common sense. Letting your insurance lapse, when required to carry SR22, is a really bad idea – your driving privileges will be suspended.

You will pay less for your auto insurance if you drive a car with more safety features, which is considered as “insurance friendly”.

Taking a defense driving course is really useful, especially for senior drivers.

Still, the best way to find low cost auto insurance for high risk drivers is to compare quotes online.

Insurance experts recommend getting quotes from at least 3 insurers. You may be shocked by the rate difference.

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