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High end performance vehicles are most costly to insure

A freshly released study, published online, reveals which vehicles would be the most expensive to insure this year. Obviously, the costly powerful cars top the list. Regardless if you are a good driver, with years of experience and a clean driving record, purchasing Mercedes SL65 AMG means you have to pay over $3,500 a year [...]

Moving insurance companies – will it be really tough?

In case you have chosen to switch auto insurers, you may well be pondering how to make that happen, and whenever there’ll be fees involved. Changing your car insurance policy is not hard once you know what you should do. It can be much easier than you imagine! Routinely check your car insurance plan to [...]

Hiring a car in Florida

Going to Florida this Sept/Oct and hiring a car…should i be wary about what car and insurance to get? As the question says going to Florida 22nd sept to the 8th oct and we want to hire a car but im unsure of what type of car to get and what type of insurance, are [...]

Do I need to change car insurance?

Right now Im going to school in tampa while my home town is about 2.5/3 hours away. Im currently residing in the dorms on campus but next semester (january) I was going to move into an apartment. I know Ill have to change my drivers license but will I have to change my car insurance [...]

Where to find inexpensive auto insurance in Tampa?

I just moved to Florida and I’m trying to find decent, inexpensive auto insurance near Tampa. I have one accident at fault. I am married. Please help. Your best bet is to just go ahead and compare quotes from different companies. Go ask your local agent, pick up the phone and ring companies directly. Of [...]

Condo Insurance in Tampa, Florida Needed ASAP?

Now that State Farm Insurance will no longer be providing home or condo insurance, does anyone know another company that has reasonable insurance? I am not necessarily looking for the cheapest but want a reliable one that will PAY if I actually have a claim! Jenny K, Home insurance covers lots of different things. I’m [...]

How do you lower car insurance costs for young people in Tampa?

My 18-year-old son’s car insurance is going through the roof. It just jumped from $270 to $321/ month. He’s a college student living in Tampa, FL (40 miles from home address in Largo, fL), makes good grades, took driver’s ed in high school, has been driving 2 years and never had a ticket. It’s a [...]

Newly licensed driver needs to transport car within Florida?

I’m 27 and newly licensed.. This is my first license. I’m cleaning up my act, all fines are paid and I completed the required course. I purchased a car in Tampa and want to pick it up and drive it back. I can’t obtain the title until I reach Tampa, and of course with no [...]

Insurance on croch rocket in tampa area (25 yr old male, 1 dui in MI)?

My boyfriend and I are planning to move to florida after he gets off probation for his dui here in michigan. since were moving to a nicer climate and gas prices keep going up and up, he wants to get a bike. Being that my mother is an ex ray tech and Im parinoid already [...]

Accident with no insurance in Tampa FL?

I have a 50cc scooter and accidentally rear ended a car going about 10 mph or less. The accident left a couple scratches about the size of the palm of my hand. When it happened I talked to her and told her that I had no insurance and that I would pay for someone to [...]