Accident with no insurance in Tampa FL?

I have a 50cc scooter and accidentally rear ended a car going about 10 mph or less. The accident left a couple scratches about the size of the palm of my hand. When it happened I talked to her and told her that I had no insurance and that I would pay for someone to fix the paint on her bumper, then someone rushed over to say that he was a witness and gave her a business card of a lawyer. That day I got a call from her insurance saying that she went to a free clinic and she is trying to get some money from an injury and since I don’t have insurance (you aren’t required to have insurance on a scooter in Florida) they want me to pay them for everything. There was no accident report filed with the police.
Does anyone know what can actually happen to me?
What can I do about this?

No police report filed? Florida law requires you to report an accident if there is injury involved, or if the property damage exceeds $500.00. Their failure to file a police report and now trying to collect from an injury smacks of fraud, especially since a “witness” was conveniently there to present an attorney’s card. You need an attorney or a consult with legal aid.

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