Tampa Auto Insurance

As per Florida No Fault Car Insurance requirements, Personal Injury Protection (PIP) is required in addition to Property Damage Liability coverage with a limit of $10,000. The basic coverage is known in short as PIP/PD. Besides, you may also be in the need for Bodily Injury Liability Coverage once you have been in an accident. It is always advisable to go for a Bodily Injury Liability Coverage. The limiting cap on both Property Damage Liability and PIP for Tampa Florida auto insurance is $10,000.

If you don’t have Florida Auto insurance, your driver’s license, along with your vehicle tag and registration can be suspended for up to three years, or until you can provide the state of Florida with proof of Florida auto insurance coverage. In addition, there are fees associated with these offences, including reinstatement fees and other fines.

You can obtain auto insurance in Tampa Florida by an insurance company licensed by the Florida Department of Financial Services.

Automobile insurers need a good idea of who they are offering their insurance to, so it’s important to answer the questions honestly and with accuracy. If you choose to purchase a policy, the company will then need your license and social security numbers to make a legal purchase. With this information the company will be able to verify your answers given in the initial questionnaire. If the information is different, your quote will change.

Auto insurance in Tampa must be from Florida and cannot be a policy from another state. The state requires that all vehicles to be under ownership in Florida have Florida auto insurance.

Consequences Failure to having financial responsibility, or auto insurance, in Florida will result in consequences of possible tickets, fines, suspension of vehicle and/or driver’s license, and possible jail time depending on the number of previous offenses. It may seem to be okay to drive without it, but in reality the chances are too great that you will be caught. Despite any efforts on your part to drive carefully, other members on your policy or the other drivers on the road may not exercise as much caution and you’d wind up involved in their accident. If you can’t afford auto insurance, you shouldn’t be behind the wheel of a car.

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